"The CD is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!  I am VERY impressed...The tunes/compositions are of top quality, and the engineering is just SUPERB!!!  EXCELLENT sound (for ALL instruments, not just drums - though the drums DO sound particularly sweet, I must say...!!! :) As do the cymbals!!!) Great job!!!"

Fernando A. Meza (Director of Percussion Studies - University of Minnesota)

"Working with Scotty Horey and his band of musical aces was a great experience… Their combination of chops, humor and professionalism made for a great session. It was amazing watching the intricacies of their arrangements unfold and on top of that - they just plain rock!"

- Kevin Bowe (Producer/Engineer - IPR)


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The first full-length album available from RisingSide! Order your copy of the Album in a limited edition with 8page booklet, or download the album in its entirety (.WAV lossless files). Also available at all RisingSide shows.

Seeking Lead Guitarist! 

Unfortunately Tony has had to step away from the band to focus on other
things at this time. We wish him the very best and will miss him!

BUT! We look forward to continuing our adventure with a new member! So....

RisingSide is seeking a 
new lead guitarist to help write, play gigs in the rock scene, and
help give music presentations at schools (teaching resume building opportunity).

RisingSide is a growing progressive rock band in the Minneapolis scene
comprised of three highly professional and serious musicians who have
current connections in the music world. Please visit www.risingside.com.

The ideal lead guitar player will possess the following:

- professional attitude (responsible and organized)
- professional gear
- high playing abilities in pop, rock, metal, and ballads
- excellent timing and rhythm skills, tight pocket and sensitive feel
- be able to contribute riffs and songwriting ideas in a group writing atmosphere
- knowledge of music theory/music terminology and music reading skills a plus but not required
- be able to rehearse one evening a week without compensation
- be available to take gigs on Fridays and Saturdays (small compensation may be available)
- learn existing material

Passion, creative vision, and dedication to growing professionally is what we strive for. If you are looking to be a part of something authentic that allows you to grow creatively as a musician, please contact us with your name, email or phone number, brief description of your experience/goals, and any questions you may have. 


Gig correction 

Sorry Everyone - I accidentally switched the dates on a couple of our gigs. Check the calendar again or pay attention to Facebook events for the right information!

Hope you all are having an awesome October!

3 Shows added! 

Check out our gigs page for more information on three shows we just added to the calendar. And while you wait for those dates to approach, enjoy our album "Arrow: The Onus Key" in digital or hard copy via our STORE page. Make sure to share with your friends and bring them out to a RisingSide experience! You know they will thank you for finding quality rock music to bang their heads and pump their fists to.

In other news, we have gotten cozy in our brand new rehearsal space. With the writing process flowing and dreams of a second album haunting us, rest assured that there will be something new to share with every upcoming show. AND we are submitting our song "Seeking Avalon" to 89.3 the Current, so heads up for updates on that one!

RisingSide, OUT

Album Available! 

Make sure to check out our STORE page to preview and purchase "Arrow: The Onus Key" via download or CD order. We also have T-shirts available! So take a sneek peak and order today!

Our next show will be at Driftwood Char bar on September 28th - hope to see you all there. We will have goodies available as well.

And a violent reminder to share our facebook page with your friends! Keep those likes going so we can let everyone know when shows are and you can all rock out together in your little meat suits! We love all forms of inter-planetary creatures - we'll assault any earholes (provided you have them) with the sweet, sweet sounds of RisingSide. So share share share!

ahem - hugs and kittens,

July Update! 

 Hello Cadets!

We have new shows posted on the gig page, INCLUDING ONE SATURDAY! Check it out, should be a rocking good time =).

The album is FINISHED. We have the venue and the date locked down. SEPTEMBER 6th 2013 at WHISKEY JUNCTION. The wonderful people from Harakiri and Chrome Lotus will be joining us that evening. STAY TUNED FOR PRESALE TICKET INFO.

We are looking forward to rocking off your faces - ya know - so you can get better ones.


April update! 

 Dear All-

April has been a productive month for RisingSide! As you all know, we have been taking a couple weeks off of playing out- this is mostly so we can focus on working on the album, promotion, writing, and future planning. 

The album is really coming along! We are finished tracking, and Ryan has begun the mixing process. We are all really enjoying hanging out listening to the beginnings of what sounds like a final product . . . it’s really starting to sound like music! We can’t wait to have it playing in people’s car stereos, at work, in your ipods, and on the radio!!! On a personal note, I close my eyes and listen to how the sound of my drums interact with Tony’s lead guitars and Katie’s vocal performances and folks, . . .  I get goosebumps . . . . 

Writing has also been very exciting! We currently have 3 songs that are going through final edits and revisions. The process of rehearsing together, stopping and starting, trying our everyone’s ideas, improvising, being creative, and talking through different approaches, is really refreshing and invigorating. There is some serious chemistry, artistry, and work ethic going on here and I think it may be possible these new songs are the strongest material to EVER come out of RisingSide. Another personal note: with these new songs, I really feel like I can “be myself” on the drums . . . and really take advantage of all of my playing abilities to express myself. I have jam packed these tunes with wild and awesome drum parts and I don’t have to use a “filter”!


The usual goes- we want to encourage you to explore our website, read about us, listen to us, and make it out to see our shows. This truly feels like an exciting time for us!

We are all ITCHING to get back on stage and let this energy out! Take a look at our May show dates . . . I can promise if you come out, your in for a great show. We are all still on 10, and we won’t let you down.

- Scotty OVER AND OUT (from behind the kit!)

Recording and More! 

 We will be continuing the last day of recording lead guitar on Monday and finish the backup vocals later this week. THEN all that is left is mixing and mastering, then we will have our DEBUT ALBUM! We are so excited to finally bring this to all of you - you have been very patient!

We have two shows coming up in May - so check out the gig page and facebook.

And a quick shoutout to Harakiri! They rocked the stage at Metal Meltdown this past Thursday. Can't wait to play some more shows with these guys. Check them out http://www.reverbnation.com/harakirimusic

Keep checking back - share us with your friends - make a night of music and bring a group! - like us on facebook so we can share all the goodies with you =) THANKS GUYS!!!

Katie OUT